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  1. "Up All Night" - Drumline Jam written in Sibelius and Virtual drumline. (featured on the Tapspace: Virtual Drumline Website demo section)
  2. "CFK" - Drumline Cadence performed in the 2007 Tournament of Roses Parade. 
  3. "Breakbeat Paradiddles" - name pretty much says it all.
  4. "5-3-2" - warm up focusing on note groupings of 5, 3 and 2. Can also serve as a double-triple exercise.
  5. "5 Over 2 (Extended)" - This will have people in the parking lot scratching their heads
  6. "Livelihood - Short Film Score" - A composition I worked on with a good friend for a short film named "Livelihood" back in 2010. The beauty of this is that each individual part stands on its own musically to create different feels, while also working well in concert with everything else to create this track. For example, if we needed just a solitary kind of feel to a scene, we could pull just the piano part, etc.. so on and so forth.
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