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My name is Neil.  I have been playing and teaching drums now since 1993.  I am interested in playing professionally and for fun.  I do not discriminate against any style of music.  I am formally trained (read and write music) and have a very open mind for things.  If you would like to collaborate or are in need of anything percussion related (marching, drumset, concert), then please let me know through the contact section.  I am located in the Williamsport, PA area.  I also post my videos through my YouTube Channel, so if you would like to see me play, then that is available as well.  Thanks again for visiting.


New Album Coming Out!

I am excited to report that I have been working for the last year on a very intense progressive rock project titled, "Voyager".  It takes the listener on a journey through the solar system and is inspired by the first NASA Voyager missions. This is the result of a year of writing and recording drums with PRS Guitars artist, Cailyn Lloyd. This album will be officially released and go on sale January 1, 2015 and is also being submitted for Grammy consideration. It's getting great reviews right now through all of the prog channels and was recently accepted into the Prog Archives. It will be available at http://www.cailynrox.com and in stores. Also on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play etc. This album was a blast and NOT easy...haha.


Here it is the official link: http://www.cailynrox.com/voyager/




Gorilla Ears In-Ear Professional Music Monitors.

It's a great time to announce that I have become an endorsed artist with Gorilla Ears In-Ear Professional Music Monitors. They are a great group of folks that have treated me like gold. Thanks for the hookup. I am glad to be a part of the team. My GX-5's are incredible.



1 Million Views on YouTube and a New Video: Avenged Sevenfold - Nightmare - Drum Cover

I have recently reached 1 million views on YouTube and very excited to say the least. Great things are in store because of this success.  Thanks to everyone!!

Avenged Sevenfold - Nightmare - Drum Cover from Neil Holloman on Vimeo.



Cadets 2000 Cadence - Street Time

One of my favorite DCI Cadences. Cadets Street Time. There are many versions of this out there played by MANY different lines, but this in particular was my favorite of the bunch.

Shot on a Canon 7D at 18mm focal length. Audio captured on Zoom H4N and mixed in Logic Pro.


RedHead Custom Windscreens

Just recently got one of these RedHead Custom Windscreens for my Zoom H4N. It is AMAZING.